Digitally transform your network

Comprehensive Solutions for Modern MNOs

Launch cutting-edge services that create lucrative revenue streams.

Unlike yesterday’s VAS point solutions that require complex network-level changes with each new service you add, SiOS is like an “operating system” for your network, that actually upgrades your infrastructure by injecting it with a digital application layer. This enables operators to power dozens of digital services with a single network integration.

By unlocking powerful network capabilities, SiOS makes it easier than ever to add network functionality and launch new digital services. With SiOS, you can monitor and act on network events in real time, launch innovative new features, augment existing services by integrating with 3rd-party platforms via API, and much more.

Voice Booster

Improve retention and grow ARPU by modernizing service flows.

Mobile Ad Suite

Unlock new revenue streams and give subscribers more control.

A2P Messaging

Optimise SMS revenue with A2P template and data management.

SiOS Platform

Digitally transform your network with a flexible application and integration layer.