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As fraud becomes more prevalent, MNO and MVNO subscribers are at increasing risk of falling victim to digital crime. This type of fraud can take numerous forms, such as a fraudster posing as an employee of a bank to obtain personal data and access bank accounts, as well as other types of fraudulent calls between operators.
Sifox Anti-Fraud allows operators to determine whether a call is fraudulent by checking the status of MSISDN in the network at the request of banks or other mobile operators, enabling them to take immediate action, such as blocking calls and notifying other systems.


Constantly monitor the network and verify suspicious calls in a split second

Quickly respond to fraud with reporting tools that help surface actionable data

Offer subscribers a new layer of real-time protection from fraud

Transaction capture with Call ID for all call attempts and established connections

Metadata storage, including duration, date/stamps, or “busy” status for each call

Ability to communicate and share data with systems on other networks via API