Maximize the value of your network traffic


Regain control over network traffic, unlock a lucrative new revenue stream, and give subscribers a say over what they see online.

Today most operators must alone shoulder the added network load generated by paid advertising, but receive none of the profits. Mobile Ad Suite changes this by enabling you to block spurious requests in real time, for complete control over your traffic. This means you can eliminate unwanted content, and even become a player in the mobile advertising market.

Filter or block unwanted ads before they reach your subscribers, or simply replacing them your own.

Monetize existing data traffic by selling ad inventory at premium CPM rates, while reducing network load.

Create a new revenue stream by giving brands a powerful new way to micro-target customers.


Monetize data traffic by managing ad content and creating a market for mobile ads and value added services.

  • Enable ad display management with an option to block ads on websites, including mobile operator ads.
  • Automatically block ads on HTTP sites visited by mobile or broadband internet users.
  • Control the toxicity level or “junk” status of advertising traffic for subscribers.

Offer customized mobile ad delivery to an audience of more than 100 million active users per month.

  • Offer a variety of ad formats on websites: full-screen banners, header banners, video banners, etc.
  • Insert banner ads into online traffic for requested pages with no impact on the download time.
  • Guarantee ad delivery to real end users rather than bots across Russia, including roaming subscribers.

Enable advertisers to deliver personalized ads with precise multi-factor targeting by leveraging unique subscriber data.

  • Enable ad targeting based on subscriber profiles: gender, age, location, income, interests, etc.
  • Support target audience selection by 30 targets and segments with an accuracy radius of up to 500 meters.
  • Track advertising effectiveness, from ad impression to resulting call and completed purchase.