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RTM (Real-Time Monitoring)

Sifox RTM is a true real-time customer experience management solution that helps MNOs increase revenues and reduce operating costs. By constantly monitoring all voice and data events, RTM gives operators up-to-the-minute visibility of the customer experience on their network. This empowers operators to immediately improve the customer experience by managing service issues and minor network failures in the moment.

RTM can be scaled to networks of any size and gives users all the tools they need to extract insights for reducing churn and increasing NPS. With end-to-end functionality, users can drill into protocol messages and call trace data, create dashboards and KPIs, and take real-time actions such as communicating with customers on-line.

See customer experience at-a-glance with live dashboards & KPIs
Respond more quickly to minor networks fails and customer issue resolution
Reduce churn and improve NPS with an ongoing stream of actionable insights

Real-time alarms and one-click navigation to root-cause under an object

Automatic decoding, indexing, and standardization of key protocol fields
Detailed view of network events and drill in with subscriber identifiers