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Call Recording

There are many times when a mobile subscriber may want to record a call in order not to forget important details, or to simply document a conversation. According to a recent survey, 27% of mobile subscribers in Russia have recorded a telephone conversation at least once. Yet most free recording applications do not allow for high-quality recordings or easy playback. With significant demand and limited options, mobile operators have the opportunity to bring high-quality call recording services to the market, at additional fee or as part of a monthly tariff plan.
With its ability to process massive volumes of media traffic and instantly send files to a storage server, Sifox STAS enables operators to offer seamless call recording as a value-added service. With the intuitive white-label web user interface, users can easily play, download, delete, or share high-quality audio files. The service can be implemented for both CS and IMS networks subscribers thanks to the proprietary Sifox IMS Orchestrator.

Have peace of mind that all calls are recorded and no information is lost

Easily access high-quality recordings in the cloud with no impact on memory

Search, playback, download, and share recordings with an easy-to-use web interface

Reliability and resilience on CS and IMS networks with stable processing under high load

Files converted to compact mp3 and stored in the operator’s storage system

White label user web interface, data analysis tools, and optional cloud storage