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DSP — Data Sharing Platform

In countries with high network infrastructure costs and slow subscriber base growth, mobile data costs can be prohibitavely high for most people. By offering high-volume data sharing services, operators can attract groups of five to ten subscribers, such as family members, friends, and small business owners – or even active mobile internet users who cannot afford other data packages on the market.

Sifox DSP is a data sharing platform that lets MNOs offer shared usage data packages to small groups of subscribers in almost any country in the world, enabling mobile data to be shared with other people and making internet access more affordable.

Enable instant end-user

data package activation and automatic payments

Offer simple online portal

for subscription and balance management

Let subscribers prepay

with any currency from their account or integrated online-wallet

Ability for mobile subscribers to create a group data package that becomes available once a minimum number of participants is reached.

Family members who are existing subscribers can share mobile data, paid for by the group sponsor.

Data processing and storage located within the operator’s node and managed via web interface or USSD, with monitoring and technical support provided by Sifox.