Sifox is about to launch Data Sharing Platform – subscribers of one of the African Telcos will be able to share data traffic which represents an attractive option for African subscribers due to expensive internet traffic in the region.

Alexander Kirillov
Project Manager

Our company has experience in launching Speech-to-Text using our own Voice Mail. We are going to develop this service and provide it with different features. I believe the subscribers will like such service.

Sergey Matsnev
Head of Project Management Office

Sifox Voice Booster platform increases the voice revenue of the Telco in East Africa with 3M customer by 7%

Anthony Mwendwa
Director, African region

Sifox has launched its Voice Booster product for 4M customers of a Telco in SADC delivering 4% plus growth in voice revenue, project is delivered in 4 weeks. We have learned all lessons from our previous integrations and with great assistance from operator’s side achieved this result. 4 weeks – it is very fast and we are proud of such result and will try to perform better in further integrations!

Josiah Otieno
Director of Sales, African region

Sifox has been granted permission to become a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Due to this achievement the company is preparing a powerful breakthrough plan in international projects.