What if you could grow revenue, reduce churn and increase LTV?

Digital voice services are seeing rapid growth and aggressively cannibalizing operator revenues
«Do nothing» is no longer an option
OTT Voice Services Growth
Operator's Voice Revenue
The mobile VoIP market is expected to grow at rate of over 13 % between 2019 and 2025.
Global Market Insights
Operator voice revenue to drop 45 % by 2024, under a growing OTT challenge.
Juniper Research
OTT players threaten to cannibalize [traditional telco] staple offerings with innovative, easy-to-use, and even more-attractive messaging and communication services…the telecom industry is on course to becoming unrecognizable within ten years' time in a «do nothing» scenario.
McKinsey & Company,
Overwhelming OTT: Telcos' growth strategy in a digital world
Telecom Voice Booster
AI-enabled solution for turbing voice revenue
Call recovery
Real-time failed call detection & recovery
Voice Bots
AI-enabled value-added services
Voice Bots
Intelligent voice advertisement suite
New voice revenues
Failed calls, Legacy services, Unused voice inventory
Call Recovery
Reduce leakage
+4 %
Stage 1
revenue recovery
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Source of revenue leakage and size of opportunity
of call fail
30 million
Common reasons:
• No balance
• Congested / busy
• Non-reachable
• Abandoned call
• Concurrent call
Average monthly failed call attempts per 1M subscribers.
Size of opportunity
7 %
Detect failed calls in real time and notify called party to trigger immediate callback
• Real missed call
• No SMS*
• Any device
• No cost
• No opt-in
65% of people call back during 1 hour upon receiving a missed call
*SMS conversion rate is seven times lower than missed call.
How it works
Lily has no money to call Mom

Voice Booster detects failed attempt and sends a missed call to Mom

Mom receives a missed call

Mom calls daughter back

Successful call
Voice Bots
Modernize service flow
+5 %
Stage 2
revenue otimization
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Legacy services are not optimized
of customer interactions with network do not generate revenue
Common reasons:
• Long connection time
• Unnecessary announcements
• Too much friction for easy tasks
16 %
What if you could optimize customer value and revenue?
Deliver differentiated value with modern, innovative and easy-to-use voice services, powered by AI-enabled voice bots
Airtime Credit
Replace standard ring time with billable traffic
Voice Assistant Bot
Customer values:
• Incoming call assistance
• Customer privacy and rules
• Personalized Automated Greetings
• Free service

Operator values:
• Increased interconnect revenue
Replace legacy voice mail with ai-powered traffic collection
Smart Voicemail Bot
Customer values:
• Improved unsuccessful call treatment
• DnD policy
• Free service
• Text to Speech
• Visual VoiceMail


Anti-Spam Bot
Key features:
• Improved network protection
• Premium Service
• No app needed

Voice Recording Bot
Key features:
• No App required
• Premium Service
• Text to Speech service
• Translation options
Bots generates up to 5 % of new voice revenue
VAD Exchange
Develop new revenue streams
+7 %
Stage 3
new revenue generation
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Lets Make Voice Great Again
of network traffic can be monetized at premium ad rates
Common reasons:
• Create new channel for Advertisement
• Compelling impression rate
• Voice Enabled services
• Higher CPM
18 %
Unlock hidden value in your existing call inventory
Monetize your existing call inventory with voice ads
Sponsored Call
Voice Ads
Call Setup Time
Post-Call Time
Hold Time
+28 inventory slots
Omnicom group
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